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Post unlimited job ads on our dedicated apprenticeship and traineeship job board and receive applications direct to your Career Hub employer dashboard.

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Our comprehensive Employer Toolkit contains tips, guidance and free downloadable resources to help you write engaging job ads and position descriptions, screen and shortlist candidates and conduct effective interviews.

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Skills Assessments

When a job seeker completes Skills Assessments through Career Hub, their results will automatically be included with their job application. This means you’ll be able to get a better idea of your candidates’ strengths, areas for improvement, and their suitability for the role.

Career Hub Team

When you register for Career Hub, you’ll also get access to a dedicated team that can help you write and post job ads, give you tips about screening and interviewing candidates, and guide you through the next steps once you’ve found the right person for the role. We also provide pre-commencement information to help you understand your obligations when employing an apprentice or trainee, offer recruitment guidance and support, and explain what’s required to make the most of your experience as an employer.

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We’re not just here to help with hiring. Once you’ve decided on the successful candidate, your local apprenticeship expert at MEGT will: